Perfect for on-demand applications, the new Magicard Pronto card printer is one of the most affordable options on the market. The single feeder allows you to produce, personalize and print a single card anytime you need.

This new Magicard Printer, which will be available to purchase through this summer, is compact and portable, so it’s perfect for taking on the go. Even with it’s compact footprint and budget-friendly price, the Magicard Pronto still comes standard with Magicard’s patented security features, including:

  • HoloKote® — A security watermark produced across the entire card surface that becomes visible when the card is viewed at an angle. The Magicard Pronto features four standard HoloKote® designs.
  • HoloPatch® — A highly-visible gold seal that works on cards printed on HoloPatch® card stock and using the HoloKote® security watermark.

For added security, a magnetic encoding feature is optional on the Magicard Pronto.