We’ve lowered our prices on these popular slot punches.

All are top quality and durable enough to last for thousands and thousands of punches!

Hand-Held Slot Punch

Hand-Held Slot Punch at IDCardGroup.comComfortable and easy to use, this basic slot punch size is 1/8″ x 1/2″

Old Price: 61.99
New price: 52.99



Hand-Held Slot Punch with Guide

Hand-Held Slot Punch with Guide at IDCardGroup.comAdjustable centering guide on this slot punch ensures you make perfect punches every time. Slot punch size is 1/8″ x 1/2″

Old Price: 74.99
New price: 68.99




Hand-Held Round Hole

Hand-Held Round Hole at IDCardGroup.comRound hole size is 3/16″. Spring-loaded punch is easy on the hands.

Old Price: 112.99
New Price 99.99





Stapler-Style with Receptacle

Stapler-Style Slot Punch with Receptacle at IDCardGroup.comThe classic based design of this stapler style punch ensures the punch won’t ever slip – creating prefect slots every time. Slot size is 1/8″ x 0.550″.

Old Price: 61.50
New Price: 48.99





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