Keep your ID card printer running longer – and keep print quality high – with our new value-priced printer cleaning kits!

ID Printer Cleaning Kits from ID Card Group Feature the Same Tools as Name Brand Kits - at 50 to 60 % Savings
Save up to 60% on Cleaning Kits

Comparable to Name Brand Cleaning Kits – But Cost up to 60% Less

Based on our years of experience selling and servicing ID card printers, we created our own set of printer cleaning kits that:

  • Work as well as name-brand cleaning kits
  • Are compatible with all major brands
  • Cost up to 60 percent less

We know printer cleaning and maintenance are easily overlooked. We see it all too often – cleaning is skipped and the result is degraded print quality, expensive repairs, or early replacement. The truth is a regular cleaning regime only takes a few minutes – and is not cost-prohibitive.

Value-Priced Kits for All Top Brands

You’ll find printer cleaning kits for all top brands.  Each cleaning kit product description lists all compatible printers, so you can be sure your model is covered.

In addition to keeping your ID printer free of debris that can build up and cause expensive damage, regular cleaning extends the life of the printer’s critical parts, such as the thermal printhead, transport rollers, and magnetic encoder.

Printer Cleaning Kit Contents

ID Card Group’s Cleaning kit contents include the following, depending upon the ID printer’s cleaning needs:

  • Thermal Printhead Cleaning Pen – to remove ink and contamination build up
  • 5 Cleaning Cards – in short, long, extra long lengths to remove dust and debris from the print path, including card transport rollers
  • 5 ISO Cleaning Cards – for quick cleaning of the print path
  • 5 Snap Swabs – to thoroughly clean the printhead
  • 5 Wipes – to remove debris from the print rollers

For best results, always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions specified in your printer manual.


If you need help choosing the best ID card printer cleaning kit for your organization’s needs, call our ID experts at 877-868-0012 or We’ll make it easy for you!

ID Card Group offers a price match guarantee, provides free shipping on orders over $100, and accepts purchase orders.