Find Topaz Signature Capture devices at Free Shipping on $100  ordersID Card Group was recently named as an approved reseller of Topaz signature products.

Topaz Systems creates electronic signature software and pads for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures in digital documents.

Popular Topaz Signature Capture Devices

Topaz Systems makes a wide array of signature capture devices – we’ve stocked the most popular models listed below at

Bulk pricing is available for larger orders and all orders over $100 ship for free.

  • SigLite – SigLite pads boast full signature capture capabilities with a low-cost touchpad and stylus
  • SigGem – SigGem pads feature an ‘active’ digitizing pen that increases the device’s ruggedness and long life
  • IDGem / IDLite – IDGem / IDLite pads combine Topaz signature capture capabilities with an optical fingerprint sensor

Full Product Line Available

Looking for something more specific? We have the full catalog of Topaz signature pads to choose from. Just call our ID experts at (877) 868-0012 and we’ll find what you need. 

Topaz – The Best Choice for Electronic Signature Needs

Known for unmatched versatility, security, and value, Topaz Systems’ technology is the best choice for your electronic signature needs.

All of the hardware and software components are integrated and compatible out-of-the-box, so you only need to choose the best option for your application and environment

Having passed the Daubert standard in United States Federal Court, Topaz captured signatures are compatible with the existing legal system and court framework. Find Topaz Signature Capture devices at Free Shipping on $100  orders


Please call an ID Expert at (877) 868-0012 or for more information on Topaz signature products. We’ll make it easy for you!

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