We at ID Card Group aim to help our customers find the best ID products for their organization’s needs.

Because we personally order and stock our inventory, we’re very familiar with the myriad of choices our customers have.

So we were happy to hear that one of our customers recommended ID Card Group for just that – helpful, knowledgeable customer service that made sure he was ordering the right security supplies for his needs.

And the review was unsolicited, which makes it even more meaningful to us.

Here’s an excerpt – you can also read the full review.

“Have a security system under your care and need supplies? Have a look at idcardcardgroup.com and see if they have what you need…. A recent addition to my web based arsenal, I have every feeling I’ll be buying more from this company soon.

I started online and then called in for more detail from customer service. The representative I spoke with was very knowledgeable and gave me several key points to check before ordering to be sure I was ordering the actual product I was looking for.

This almost is a rarity today as it feels like a website will sell you anything just to make the sale, while this business is interested in the long term customer/supplier relationship. I like that from people so it’s natural that I love it as a company philosophy….” 

Robert D.

Thanks, Robert D – we appreciate the recommendation and your business!