Shop the DatacardSD460 card printer & laminator at IDCardGroup.comThe new SD460 card printer from Datacard takes fraud protection to the next level with tactile impression stamping.

This is the first high security impression that you can see and feel.

Datacard SD460 – All-in-One High Volume Printer, Laminator and Encoder

Suited for high-volume, high-security needs, the SD460 prints color cards on one or two sides followed by a lamination overlay for extra protection.

The SD460’s overlay provides four times the durability of basic topcoats — at nearly the same price.

An optional magnetic encoder is available.

Visual & Tactile Security Stamps Help Prevent Fraud

The SD460 printer and laminator offers the industry’s first tactile impression stamp – a unique personalization feature that further secures your overlays to help resist tampering and fraud.Shop the Datacard SD460 card printer & laminator at

The printer physically impresses a stamp design directly onto the card substrate and overlays a patch laminate in the same pass.

You can choose from a set of standard stamp designs or create a custom one specific to your organization.

In the event of a removal attempt, the tactile impression will tear its laminate.

Powerful Features with Easy Integration

Datacard’s powerful SD460 offers many unique card print features along with an open platform for integration into a variety of environments.


Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 or for help choosing the best SD460 Print Model configuration for your organization – or see more features here. We’ll make it easy for you.

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