Carabiner Badge Reels are Sturdy & VersatileBadge reels – also referred to as ID reels, card reels, or badge holder reels – enable you to extend and retract your ID or name badge for easy presentation and scanning, yet keep you free of the neck cords, chains, and straps that can easily get caught or tangled in industrial, active, or sporting environments. 

Badge reels are a great choice if your ID needn’t be highly visible at all times – but you still need quick access for door readers or secure areas and zones.  

Typically compact in size and shape, ID badge reels come in a variety of styles and materials – from plain to custom monogrammed. When choosing a badge reel, consider the following types and their common applications or uses:

  • Clip ID Badge Reels – Badge reels with clips enable you to easily attach ID badges to clothing. No more digging in pockets or wallets! Clip reels keep your ID accessible and enable easy swiping and reading – then retract. Find out more about Custom Badge Reel options at
  • Carabiner Badge Reels – Looking for a no-twist reel to keep your ID facing forward? These versatile and flexible carabiner latch badge reels will not twist. With a press-and-release latch to attach easily to clothing or other belongings. Also available in dual reel.
  • Smart Card Badge Reels – Perfect if you need constant access to your HID access control card, Prox card, or Smart card. Quick lock feature and easy release button lets you insert key card while entering code or other access control measure. These reels make it easy to swipe or show your badge over and over again. 
  • Heavy Duty Badge Reels – Sturdy and dual purpose, with larger springs for greater pull. Ideal for carrying keys & small tools, or if you need access to many different locations. 
  • Custom & Monogrammed Badge Reels – Fun, fast, & affordable, custom printed badge reels are a great way to promote your company, event, or team. Perfect for ID badges, giveaways, and team spirit. 
  • Lanyard Badge Reel Combo – These combine lanyard badge visibility with a reel. Perfect if your ID badge must be visible at all times or you don’t have belt loops for traditional badge reels. Lanyard badge reels keep your ID firmly attached for easy access and are easy to extend and retract quickly.
  • Sports Badge ID Reels/Ski Pass Reels – Light, yet durable, ski & sports ID reels keep your IDs, passes, and badges in place while you’re moving. Water resistant with flexible plastic hooks and snap closures, they attach easily to a zipper, clothing, or other belongings.

If you need to keep your ID badge by your side, but out of the way, our durable and inexpensive ID badge reels are just what you need.

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