Mid-volume ID card printers are designed for small to medium-sized organizations looking to efficiently print small to mid-sized batchs of cards at a time. We’re rounded up our top mid-volume print picks below.

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Benefits of Mid-Volume Printers

Mid-volume card printers are a great solution if you want to design and print custom cards for employee IDs, student IDs, membership cards, or whatever else your organization needs.

Many medium-sized organizations need to batch print cards, or print multiple cards in a row. Mid-sized printers have input and output hoppers so you don’t need to manually feed each card into the printer, making it faster and easier to print.

ID card printers come with single or dual-sided printing and many upgrade options for Ethernet connectivity, magnetic stripe encoding, and more.

Top Mid-Volume Printers from ID Card Group

AlphaCard PRO 500 ID Card Printer – The AlphaCard PRO 500 is a single or dual-sided printer with a 100 card input hopper and 30 card output hopper. The PRO 500 comes with built-in AlphaCard watermark technology and uses the standard blank cards and ribbons, so you can add one of four watermark designs to you cards for added visual security at no additional cost.

Datacard SD360 ID Card Printer – The Datacard SD360 is a dual-sided printer with a 100 card input hopper and 25 card output hopper. You can upgrade the SD360 to include a 100 card output hopper and magnetic stripe encoding.

Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer – The Fargo DTC4250e is a single or dual-sided printer with dual-input hoppers that can hold 200 cards total (100 each) and a 100 card output hopper for larger batch printing; you can also get same-side input and output hoppers if space is limited in your office.

Evolis Primacy ID Card Printer – The Evolis Primacy is a single or dual-sided printer with a 100 card input hopper and 100 card output hopper. The Primacy has upgrade options for an LCD touch screen, magnetic stripe encoding, and WiFi connectivity.

IDP Smart-50 ID Card Printer – The IDP Smart-50 is a single or dual-sided printer with a 100 card input hopper and 40 card output hopper. Upgrade your Smart-50 with magnetic stripe encoding and Ethernet connectivity.



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