Prox cards, also called access control cards, make it easy for cardholders to open doors without juggling keys and other items. These ID accessories can make it even easier to use your prox cards!

ID Lanyards

Specialty ID Card Lanyards

ID lanyards are the most commonly used ID accessories, because they come in the widest range of styles and work with every style of clothing or work uniform. Using a wide variety of attachments, lanyards clip onto your slot punched prox cards (or cards put in badge holders) to keep them securely attached to the lanyard. Then your cardholders can wear the lanyard around their neck, or keep it in their pocket or bags to easily pull out the prox card when needed.

Popular lanyard options include:

ID Reels

ID badge reels are extremely useful when you’ll need to open doors throughout the workday because they keep your prox card close at hand without having it hanging down and getting in your way while you work. Their cord will automatically wind back up once you let go of the badge, so it goes back in place without requiring any extra work. Reels come with several types of clips and attachments, so they will work with all card styles and clothing types.

Popular badge reel options include:

Badge Holders

ID badge holders are often used with another accessory, like a lanyard or a reel, although some holders do have a clip attached. Badge holders help project your cards from scratches and scrapes, some can protect your cards from UV damage and fading, and locking holders keep your cards securely in the holder when attached to a lanyard or reel. Because prox cards cost more per card than a standard non-encoded card, many organizations use badge holders to make sure their cards last for years to come.

Popular badge holder options include:


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