Choosing an ID Card Printer - Part 2: Desired Card Appearance

by ID Card Group 20. June 2016 08:01
How do you want your plastic cards to look? Sounds like a simple question, yet there are many variations that will help you choose the best plastic card printer for your needs.

Today, we’ll discuss choosing a plastic card printer based on your desired card appearance. There are three appearance options to consider. [More]

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Should You Print Your Company ID Cards or Have Them Printed for You?

by ID Card Group 15. June 2016 08:01
Should you print your ID cards in-house, or outsource the job to a printing company? ID Card Group helps you weigh the pros and cons of each option. [More]

Choosing an ID Card Printer - Part 1: Card Printing Volume

by ID Card Group 13. June 2016 08:35
One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing and ID card printer is how many cards you expect to print in each session and during any given year. Most ID card printers can be broken up into three groups - low volume, medium volume, and high volume printers. We'll help you decide which one is right for your card printing needs. [More]

Everything You Need for Printing with Datacard - Printers, Systems, and Supplies

by ID Card Group 8. June 2016 08:01
Datacard ID card printers are designed for printing high quality, professional ID cards. If you are interested in Datacard printers, or just looking for all the supplies you need for your current Datacard printer system, we've gathered up all the information you need into one spot. < Datacard ID Card Printers & Systems Datacard offers a range of printers, from entry level low-volume models to professional, secure printers. How do you know which one is best for you? Datacard SD260 - ... [More]

Choosing an ID Card Printer - Top 3 Factors At a Glance

by ID Card Group 6. June 2016 09:50
Before choosing an ID Card Printer, it helps to assess your current and future card printing needs. Use this infographic and "cheat sheet" to review the top three card printing factors at-a-glance: 1) card printing volume; 2) desired card appearance; and 3) security options.

Next, review the individual posts on each factor for a better understanding of your options and to find our recommended printer models with the features and functions to meet your needs. [More]

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Tech Support Q & A: How Do I Get the Best Print Quality from My Card Stock?

by ID Card Group 1. June 2016 08:01
Getting the best print quality from your PVC card stock is determined by several factors.

Follow these tips to get the best quality output from your cards. [More]

Video: How to Load A Ribbon in the Zebra ZXP3 Card Printer

by ID Card Group 25. May 2016 08:01
Follow these simple steps to easily load a ribbon in your ZXP3 printer. Zebra's ribbon cartridges are eco-friendly - with biodegradable ribbons and recyclable plastic components. [More]

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