Video: How to Load A Ribbon in the Zebra ZXP3 Card Printer

by ID Card Group 25. May 2016 08:01
Follow these simple steps to easily load a ribbon in your ZXP3 printer. Zebra's ribbon cartridges are eco-friendly - with biodegradable ribbons and recyclable plastic components. [More]

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How an HID Proximity (Prox) Card is Read

by ID Card Group 23. May 2016 08:35
HID prox cards and HID iClass contactless credentials are the gold standard in proximity technology. In this post, we outline the basics of an HID access control system and how the card is read.

A short 10-second video illustrates the inner makeup of a Prox card. [More]

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Are you ready to save? Proximity cards are 10% off through May

by ID Card Group 18. May 2016 08:01
Proximity cards are a popular security tool for businesses in every industry - why wait, when right now you can save 10% on ID Card Group generic proximity cards through the end of the month! Prox cards are used to store and transmit data, and for key-less entry into buildings. < Don't Wait, Limited Time Offer This promotion lasts only until May 31st, 2016. To save 10% on proximity cards from ID Card Group, enter coupon code PROX10 during checkout. Limit one coupon code per customer. This ... [More]

Datacard SD460 Printer Resists Fraud with High Security Tactile Impression

by ID Card Group 16. May 2016 08:01
The new SD460 card printer from Datacard takes fraud protection to the next level with tactile impression stamping. This is the first high security impression that you can see and feel. [More]

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How Does A Retransfer Printer Work?

by ID Card Group 11. May 2016 08:01
Retransfer printers combine unparalleled print speeds with photo-quality images.

Unlike traditional dye sublimation card printers, which use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card, retransfer printers print onto a flexible, transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card - offering a high level of fraud protection. [More]

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Everything You Need for Printing with Zebra - Printers, Systems, and Supplies

by ID Card Group 9. May 2016 08:01
Zebra ID card printers come in a wide range of styles, designed to work with the smallest organizations up to businesses that need to handle large batch printing jobs. If you're looking for information on Zebra ID card printers, or looking for the best supplies for a Zebra ID card printer you already have, we've gathered all the information you need into one spot. [More]

How to Choose Magnetic Stripe (Swipe) Cards & Protect Them from Damage

by ID Card Group 4. May 2016 08:01
Magnetic stripe cards - also known as mag stripe cards or swipe cards - are a popular choice for cards that store data, such as ATM and bank cards; gift, membership, and phone cards; access control cards; hotel key cards; and library and transit cards.

But choosing the wrong variety of magstripe card - or not protecting the card from damage - can cause the cards to not work as expected.

Learn how to choose the right magstripe card and protect it from damage. [More]

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