HID Asure ID 7 Enterprise Software


HID Asure ID 7 Enterprise Software


Network capable card ID Software by HID. Asure ID 7 Enterprise Badge Software combines an internal MS Access database with Excel/CSV connectivity & ODBC/OLE import & export capabilities. Mag stripe, 2D barcodes & signature panels. Multiple User License & Support Options Available - Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for details.

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HID Asure ID 7 Enterprise Software

MSRP: $1,750
Price: $1,500

You Save: $250 (14%)

HID Asure ID 7 Enterprise Software




Asure ID Enterprise™ 7 is the perfect photo ID card software for organizations that operate over a corporate network. The user interface provides a dramatic speed boost to designing cards and entering cardholder data, packaged in an easy-to-use Microsoft Office-like format recognizable to nearly every computer user! Everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you, and routine tasks can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks. It’s a breeze to capture or load a photo, or add a digitized signature.

Asure ID Enterprise™ offers some of the most sophisticated features that bring the art of photo creation and photo card management to a new level. This powerful software package offers a user friendly WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface for easy card creation, and complete integration with any ODBD compliant database for adding existing or new data to cards easily, from a standalone or network computer.

For organizations that operate over a LAN or WAN network, there’s no other package we’ve seen that offers such high performance and flexibility. Yet Asure ID Enterprise™ was designed to be affordable, with a price that is close to or better than less powerful software applications.

This flexible software package is loaded with innovative, high-end security features like the ability to encode facial images into a 2D barcode format. With Asure ID Enterprise™, encoding contact and contactless smart cards is fast and easy, providing an array of customization possibilities. Finally, Asure ID Enterprise™ software provides everything you need to securely transfer card data over the internet for card production, which means if your card printer is experiencing down time, you’ll still have the cards you need.

Additional License Option Available: If you need to use Asure ID Enterprise on multiple workstations, please contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012.

Support Program Option Available: Asure ID 7 comes with a protection plan option that provides you with:

  • 1 year unlimited support
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Knowledge base acces
  • Online case tracking statu
  • Additional License Support Option Available

The latest Asure ID Software Version – Asure ID 7 by HID Global – boasts some great new features and enhancements including:

  • iDIRECTOR – Provides more description for how and where an application should be configured
  • Update Checker – Automatically notifies you when a new version of Asure ID is available
  • Preview Mode– Allows you to see how the data fields will appear on your ID card with sample information
  • Navigation Buttons – Enlarged navigation buttons and highlighted active module
  • Enhanced Reporting Engine – Allows you to build custom reports
  • Rounded Corners – All graphical fields can now have rounded corners
  • Compound Fields – Simplified compound field creator
  • Graphics Fields – Directly save and load images from your files
  • Data Export – Export selected records or current record more simply
  • Picklists – Greater flexibility in your Advanced Data Fields Options
  • Find Function – Enhanced search tools
  • Custom Application Encoding - Define and Encode custom applications for MIFARE Classic and iCLASS cards
  • iCLASS Encoding with HID iCLASS Programming Platform – Supports iCLASS Physical Access Control Application Encoding with HID iCLASS Programming platform (Secure element (SAM) and SDI encoder required)

Asure ID 7 Enhancements for Fargo Card Printer Users Include:

  • K-Panel Support for Barcodes – Print barcodes and shapes directly to your Fargo card printer Resin panel without configuring your printer driver
  • Swift ID Support – Import templates that were created by Swift ID, the embedded card design application that is included with the C50, DTC1000, DTC1250e, DTC4000, DTC4250e and DTC4500e FARGO printer

Upgraded Capabilities Available: Asure ID 7 software editions also allow you to easily upgrade to higher Asure ID 7 versions - including Exchange - as your need for more ID database or design capabilities grow. To place an order for an upgrade or to find out more about Asure ID 7 ID badge software, check out our handy Asure ID Comparison Chart or contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com.

Product Type Software
MPN 86413
Brand Fargo
Condition New
Coming Soon No
Discontinued No
Warranty Years 1
Technical Specifications N/A
Operating System Windows Vista (32 Bit), Windows 2003 Server - 32 bit
Database External DB Interface
Encoding Barcodes, 2D Barcodes, None
Additional Features N/A
Encoding 2D Barcodes, Barcodes