Evolis Sig200 Signature Pad

Evolis Sig200 Signature Pad

Part Number#: ST-CE1075-2-UEVL

Evolis Sig200 signature pad features a large color LCD screen with backlight that shows the documents being signed, as well as a slideshow of your own custom advertisements or information. Evolis Sig200 comes with Windows drivers and USB port so you can easily fit it into your existing computer system. It also works seamlessly with Evolis printers and CardExchange ID software so you can include a signature right into an ID card design. 

Buy Evolis Sig200 Signature Pad – Find Low Prices on Evolis Sig200 Color LCD signature pad. Capture eSignatures easily & show color ads with Evolis Sig 200. Call 877-868-0012 or Click now. Evolis Experts. Category: Signature Capture; Condition: New; Part Number: ST-CE1075-2-UEVL

Evolis Sig200 Signature Pad Options

signoSign/2 PDF Creation Software :


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Evolis Sig200 eSignature Pad not only captures and digitizes handwritten signatures electronically, its large color LCD screen shows the signing document and can be programmed to display a slideshow or your own advertisements. Sig200 boasts an internal memory for a slideshow of up to 10 pictures. 

This sig pad comes complete with Windows drivers and USB port so you can immediately start using it within your existing computer system. Sig200 signature pads directly connect to a computer via the USB cable which also supplies the power, so no external power supply is required.

Best of all, Evolis Sig200 can be used directly with your Evolis card printer or CardExchange card design software so you can incorporate electronic signatures directly onto your ID cards.

Evolis Sig200 features a large interactive color LCD screen that can show both text and images. It lays flat and includes a strong stylus tether with swivel and vertical stylus holder for a natural signing experience. The signature is displayed in real time - along with the signing document - on the pad which is backlit to provide maximum visibility under all lighting conditions. Its scratch-resistant surface and small profile make it the perfect portable signature pad. The Sig200 pad also carries a 2-year warranty.

Evolis Sig200 digitizes signatures in high resolution and can also be used to record biometric data, such as writing speed and pressure, for forensic expertise. Data transfer between your Sig200 pad and your computer is secured using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

Finally, Evolis Signature Pads can be integrated into any system. In addition to running basic signature capture protocols using the standard Windows drivers included with your Evolis Sig200, Evolis offers:

  • Free Software Developers Kit (SDK) for more advanced signature capture needs - Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for details.
  • Optional signoSign/2 software - creates secure PDF documents for e-signatures
  • With a high precision data acquisition rate of 500 Hz and 1040 dpi, Evolis Sig100 signature pads have been designed to capture signatures quickly, effectively and securely making them ideal for:

  • Government and administration services - Identity documents and registration forms
  • Businesses - Contracts, personnel management and visitor management
  • Financial services - Account and loan paperwork
  • Retail - Payment confirmation and customer loyalty programs
  • Health - Admission documents and medical records
  • Tourism and leisure - Guest registration
  • Questions about Evolis Signature Pads? Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for expert Evolis advice!

    Evolis Sig200 Specifications:

    Packaging content
    Signature pad
    Captive USB cable (1.5 m)
    Stylus (standard)
    Vertical Stylus Holder

    Diagonal: 5” (12.7 cm)
    Display: Color
    Resolution: 640x480 pixels
    Pixel Size: 0.0.0529 x 0.1587 mm
    Display area: 101 x 76 mm
    2 LED status indicators

    Touch sensitive screen
    Active signing area: 100 x 75 mm 
    Linearity: +/- 1,5 % in x, y and z directions
    1024 pressure levels

    External sampling rate: 500 samples per second, 4 axes (x, y, time and pressure)
    Internal sampling rate: 6000 samples per second
    Resolution: 1040 dpi not interpolated

    Full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 HID (Human Interface Device) compatible with earlier versions
    Plug and Play: no special drivers required

    AES encryption of data transfer between the pad and the computer
    RSA signature and RSA encryption in the pad
    Unique internal serial number

    Internal memory for slideshows: up to 10 pictures

    Size and weight
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 15x191x180mm (0.59x7.52x7.08”)
    Weight: 356 g (0.79 lbs)

    Software Compatible with:
    Windows™ XP 32/64, W7 32/64, W8 32/64, Server 2003, 2008 Linux

    2 years

    Free Software Developers Kit (SDK) and Twain Driver*
    Screen configuration and customization (logos, images, buttons)
    Definition of signature area
    Signature capture in various formats
    RSA-signing functionality in the pad
    Documentation available on demand

    Optional signoSign/2 software

    With signoSign/2 software, create and sign a PDF instantly and securely. Available for 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

    *Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for details on the free SDK. 


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