KeriSystems KC-10X Prox Card

KeriSystems KC-10X Prox Card

Part Number#: KC-10X

KERI SYSTEMS KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card is a pre-programmed, 125 kHz vertical clamshell proximity card. KC-10X is extremely durable, can easily be customized with a standard CR-79 adhesive card overlay and fits Keri PXL-250 and PXL-500 Tiger Controllers.

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The KC 10X Standard Light Proximity Card by Keri Systems leads the pack as the most popular proximity card around. Keri KC-10X Prox Card Quick Facts:
  • Wallet friendly size that is thinner than other Clamshell proximity cards
  • Extremely durable
  • Industry standard formats
  • Unique ID codes
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits Keri PXL-250 Tiger and PXL-500 Tiger Controllers

Keri’s KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card provides maximum read range performance in a package considerably thinner than other clamshell proximity cards. It can be easily carried in a wallet or purse or worn on clothing with a clip or necklace. These cards are extremely durable and convenient. They are manufactured with a vertical hanging slot punch, a lifetime warranty, and sequential numbering (except for cards with C5 formatting).

These powerful proximity cards can also be used to create cost-effective photo IDs using any card printer and standard adhesive printable cards that can be personalized, printed and stuck directly onto your KC-10X card.

The KC 10X uses Keri Systems’ unique implementation of RFID technology to deliver reliable access control every time, for use with PXL-250 Tiger Controller™ when used as a stand-alone device. The card’s size is 2.13" x 3.38" x 0.065" (1.6 mm thick).

Because of their low card cost and lifetime warranty, we recommend using the Keri KC-10X clamshell card for your prox credentials. If your facility requires a combination of magnetic stripe and proximity card technology, we recommend using Keri MT-10X Mutli-Technology Proximity Cards.

Keri manufactures its own proximity cards and tags, all available in either Keri format (Keri 10X Series for PXL-250 and PXL-500 Tiger controllers) or in 26-bit format (Keri 26X Series for the IntelliProx 2000 or Keri PSC-1 for Pyramid Series Readers). Keri Proximity Credentials (including Prox Cards, Tags, and Patches) can be used interchangeably on the same system without worry about ID code duplication or format matching.

 Keri KC-10X Specifications

Card Reader Compatiblity

  • PXL-250 Tiger Controller
  • PXL-500 Tiger Controller

Read Range*

  • MS-3000 up to 4 inches (10 cm)
  • MS-4000 up to 1 inch (2.5 cm)
  • MS-5000 up to 8 inches (20 cm)
  • MS-7000 up to 15 inches (38 cm)


  • L = 3.38, W = 2.14, T = 0.059 inches
  • Approx. 86 x 54 x 1.5 mm


  • 0.31 oz (8.8 g)


  • ABS


  • 125 KHz excitation / 62.5 KHz return


  • -40° C to +70° C


  • 0-100% non-condensing


  • Off white


  • The Standard Light Proximity Card comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

*Keri KC-10X Read range is stated in a clean RF and electrical environment with card presented parallel to the reader surface.

White CR79 Adhesive- 100 cards

Part#: CR79-WH-Adhesive

Thin White Blank Adhesive Plastic Cards are slightly smaller than a credit card and feature a peel-off backing that reveals an adhesive so the card can be applied to other materials, including proximity cards - works with card printers that can print on CR79 sized plastic cards.

NOTE: Most card printer manufacturers recommend using mylar backed cards for best results. Also, due to their specialized size, CR79 cards do not work in every ID card printer. Be sure to check your printer compatibility for CR79 cards. If you don't have a compatible printer, we recommend using the CR80 Adhesive Card

Units: 1
Retail Price: $33.50
Our Price: $24.99

Vinyl Knurled Grip Strap Clip 2105-3000-100 pack

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CLEAR VINYL Nickel-plated steel Knurled Thumb-Grip Clip with 2 3/4" Clear Vinyl ID Badge Strap. Pack of 100

Units: 1
Retail Price: $41.00
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Vinyl Strap Clip 2105-2000 - 100 pack

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CLEAR VINYL Nickel-plated steel 2-Hole ID Badge Strap Clip with 2 3/4" Clear Vinyl Strap  - Best Seller!

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Vertical HD Vinyl Prox Card Holder-100 Pack

Part#: 1840-5057 / 504-NCST

PROX CARD HOLDER - Vinyl Proximity Card Holder made from Clear Heavy-Duty Vinyl with Slot Hole for use with a Badge Strap Clip. Credit Card/Data size and Vertical top load  - Best Seller!

Units: 1
Retail Price: $131.00
Our Price: $49.99

Clear Vinyl Vertical Prox Card Holder-100 pack

Part#: 1840-5060

PROX CARD HOLDER - Clear Plastic Proximity Card Holder made from Flexible Vinyl with Slot Hole and Chain Holes can be worn with a neck chain or strap clip that will 'lock-in' your ID badge. This prox holder is Credit Card/Data size and Vertical top load. It is not designed to be used with a bulldog clip  - Best Seller! Pack of 100.

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Our Price: $32.50

Round Badge Reel-Solid Colors-Pack of 25

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Our Price: $26.99

Premier Carabiner Round Badge Reel-Pack of 25

Part#: 2120-70xx

Carabiner Badge Reel comes in 4 Transluscent and 1 Solid color choices and includes a Caribiner-Style Clip and Clear Vinyl ID Strap.

Units: 1
Retail Price: $60.00
Our Price: $34.99


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