ID Card Printers

ID Card Printers
You've found the ultimate source for ID card printers. You can expect the guaranteed lowest prices in the card printer industry and a huge in-stock inventory ready to ship today. See a better price somewhere else? Give us a call and we'll beat it!

Card Printer Brand Printer Capability Print Volume
Magicard Printers Single-Sided Card Printers Low Volume Card Printing
Datacard PrintersDouble-Sided Card Printers Standard Volume Card Printing
IDP Printers Laminating Card Printers High Volume Card Printing
Evolis Card Printers Retransfer Card Printers
Fargo Card Printers 
Zebra Card Printers
Nisca Card Printers 

Every ID card printer we sell is guaranteed to have lowest price on the market. Our expert ID staff has been factory trained and certified to sell, troubleshoot and even repair your ID printerNeed help choosing the best card printer for your organization? We’ll help you find the answers below. See our tips, view our infographic, read our expert printer reviews, or contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012.  We'll make it easy for you.
Magicard Printers

Magicard makes card printing easy with a streamlined approach that lets you upgrade your printer on-site, when you need it most. All Magicard printers, including the popular Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro models, also offer built-in HoloKote anti-counterfeiting technology, a patented process that lets you watermark ID cards and badges at no extra cost during the normal print cycle. 

DataCard Printers

Datacard® offers a full-line of ID card printers to meet your needs, so you can instantly issue any type of plastic card from standard school ID badges to professional-looking payment cards to high-security government ID badges. With Datacard printers, expect easy operation, proven performance and cost-effective results.

IDP Printers

IDP printers are highly efficient and easy-to-order. Designed to be flexible, you can easily add a dual-side flipper, laminator or encoder at any time to make your IDP printer fit your long-term ID card printing needs.

Evolis Card Printers

The line of Evolis Printers has emerged as a leader in the plastic card printing industry with eye-catching designs, user friendly interfaces, and powerful card printing and encoding features. All Evolis card printer models, including the Badgy, Zenius, Primacy and Avansia offer cutting-edge card print technology at affordable price points. 

FARGO Card Printers

Fargo by HID offers reliable Fargo card printers with direct-to-card print capabilities in a range of prices - from the affordable C50 Printer to the high-security DTC4500e, with the mid-range DTC4250e in between. For even more security and power, the Fargo HDP5000 is a high-definition retransfer printer.

Zebra Card Printers

Zebra card printers (formerly Eltron) offer one the widest ranges of card printer models and options in the industry. Zebra recently launched a series of ZXP printer models that feature the latest card print technology.  Known worldwide for their reliability and print quality, Zebra produces some of the most popular card printers on the market today.

Nisca Card Printers

Nisca ID Card printers for high-end ID card markets at discounted price.

Need Help Choosing & Comparing ID Card Printers? Here are Some Answers.

How to Choose an ID Card Printer Infographic - IDCardGroup.comHow do you pick an ID card printer with so many choices available? First, know that every brand offers a range of printers, and many come with flexible options. If your card print needs will change in the future, pick a model that can be upgraded later (look for terms like “modular” or “field upgradable”).

Next, learn a bit about the card printer types offered by the leading brands:

How do I tell the difference between all the card printers?

Value Class Printers – The most basic card printer type, these entry-level printers are the least expensive, but often do not have a wide range of options and do not offer the highest print quality. They are great for low-level security needs.

Professional Class Printers – This is a wide ranging group of printers that can work for many applications. They include both standard and high-volume printers, offer professional print quality, and are great for photo ID badges. They can also produce medium or high-security ID cards, depending on the options you choose.

Secure Class Printers – The highest security ID cards are produced by retransfer printers, which use a special print technology to produce tamper-resistant cards. These printers and their supplies can be expensive, and are best used in highly-secure areas.

Finally, consider your top three ID card factors:

How many cards do you need?

  • < 1,000 = Low volume
  • 1,000 - 5,000 = Standard volume
  • > 5,000 = High volume

ID Expert Tip - Volume is the one factor that cannot be upgraded later, so choose wisely. However, unless you will use your printer every day, you can save quite a bit by purchasing a less expensive low- or standard-volume card printer. It works in 80% of card print situations.

What will your cards look like?

  • Single or two-sided cards 
  • Full color or single color (monochrome) 
  • Print Quality
    • Low surface coverage: Entry-level printers offer OK print quality that works well for basic cards
    • Medium-to-high surface coverage: Professional-class printers offer photo-quality IDs 
    • Highest surface coverage: Retransfer printers offer crystal-clear clarity for high security needs

ID Expert Tip – A single sided card printer can be used to print on two card sides – you just have to run it through your card printer twice. Some printers can also be upgraded later. Monochrome printers are typically used in specialized situations and don’t offer huge cost savings, so it is almost always more practical to purchase a color printer and use monochrome ribbons. Finally, the difference between the print clarity of an entry-level printer, a professional-class printer and a retransfer printer can be big. Call 877-868-0012 if you want to see some ID card samples from different badge printers before you make a choice.

What level of security?

Basic ID or membership card – For basic visual identification, any entry-level printer and standard pvc card stock will work. Examples include: loyalty cards, membership cards, student IDs and gift cards.

Low Security Magnetic Stripe Cards – For ID swiping, most entry-level and professional class printers with magnetic stripe encoder and card stock will work. Examples include: loyalty cards, hotel cards, gift cards and time cards

Medium Security Access (Smart) Cards – For contactless access control, professional-class printers with smart card encoder will work. Examples include: access control and kiosk payment cards.

High Security Laminated or Retransfer Cards – For UV or holographic authentication protocols, professional-class or retransfer printers with lamination module will work. Must use composite PVC card stock. Examples include: high security facility access, drivers’ licenses and rugged use cards.

ID Expert Tip – In order to be able to use these features, you must have card stock designed for your encoding technology. While magnetic stripe cards are not much more expensive than plain cards, “smart cards” can cost considerably more.

Need More Help? Check out the complete How To Choose an ID Card Printer series. Or contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012. We’ll make it easy for you!


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