Expiring (Temporary) ID Badges Eliminate Risk of Unauthorized Badge Reuse

by ID Card Group 31. January 2011 08:00

Expiring ID Badge Time Token Expiring (temporary) ID badges are an easy and economical way to manage visitors and temporary personnel.

These new expiring badges from TEMPBadge feature an easy-to-see color change that visually conveys whether or not a visitor is authorized to be on your premises.

Programmed to trigger a gradual color change that becomes darker as the badge expires, these expiring badges are highly visible from far away.

With expiring ID Badges, you'll never have to collect used badges again.

Expiring ID Badges come in many styles, including:

  • Adhesive
  • Clip-on
  • Printable
  • Manual printing
  • Small adhesive stickers that can be placed on existing ID badges


How Expiring (Temp) Badges Work

How Expiring (Temp) Badges Work

Expiring Badge Options

Choose from the following types of expiring badges, including custom ordering:

1.  Build Your Own Badge – Common Styles

Choose from the most popular expiring badges for fast and easy ordering! These expiring badges come standard with a one-day expiration. Choose from an adhesive or standard clip-on back.

2.  Build Your Own Badge – Custom Order

There are hundreds of expiring badge options with many backing choices beyond adhesive or standard clip-on. They can be custom printed to integrate seamlessly with your site identification designs or protocols. Simply call one of our ID Experts at (877) 868-0012 and we'll walk you through the custom order process.

3.  Expiring School Badges

Expiring school badges feature highly visible identifiers, so visitors are easily spotted. Available in Half or One-day expiration times.Expiring School ID Badges

These expiring school badges:

  • Are designed specifically for schools to prevent tampering of personal information
  • Feature four badge designs with the identifiers - School Visitor, Student, Substitute or Volunteer - printed clearly on each adhesive badge
  • Are manually-issued so require no hardware or software
  • Prevent unauthorized reuse of uncollected badges

4.  Pre-Assembled Expiring Badges

ONEstep pre-assembled expiring badges are simple to use and order. They come with standard one-day expiration and are available in several styles, including adhesive or clip-on. Manual and thermal label printing styles are available.

5.  Expiring Indicators 

See our expiring indicators for ID Badges

Expiring indicators are small expiring stickers that can be placed on existing ID badges, clothes, or accessories such as hard hats.

These indicators offer a low-cost way to add expiring technology at your site.



Contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com if you need help choosing the best expiring badge solution for your organization - or to custom order.

ID Card Group offers a price match guarantee, provides free shipping on orders over $100, and accepts purchase orders.


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