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Passage Point Global

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PASSAGE POINT SOFTWARE - Global v10 lets you keep track of visitors entering your facilities. Easy to use, with fast processing and flexible reporting options, this powerful and versatile software solution offers the ability to control operations from a centralized location, customize screens and lists, and implement in multiple languages. Do you have an older version of Passage Point? Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 to find out how to upgrade to Global v10 today!

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Passage Point Global is the visitor management solution you can take globally. This powerful and versatile software solution offers the ability to control operations from a centralized location, customize screens and lists, and implement in multiple languages. PassagePoint is so flexible, it can work seamlessly in multiple industries, including:


  • Control emergency room visitor traffic 
  • Monitor Contractor/Vendor visitor activity/history
  • Control visitors to individual patient rooms
  • Visitor reports for healthcare compliance requirements (HIPAA, JHACO, etc...)

Corporate Lobby 

  • Pre-registration for rapid processing of high-flow lobby
  • Audit of billed contractor hours vs. actual hours on site
  • Added appearance of highest level facility security


  • Use lookout/watch list to alert the reception of VIPs or unwanted visitors
  • Track deliveries and capture signatures
  • Control Module allows individual tenants to customize and define visitor policie

Key features of Passage Point visitor ID Software include:

Search criminal databases: PassagePoint Global can automatically run a check on your visitor against a live internet database. If a match is made, you can view the offender’s photo, description and offenses. Matches can be automatically e-mailed to your security staff. 

Type ahead and directory linking: Avoid duplicate entries and save time with repeat visitors. PassagePoint Global’s Type Ahead feature matches names as you type with their recorded information from previous visits. With DirectoryLink add-on, there is a real-time connection to the employee directory. 

E-mail Capabilities: PassagePoint Global Notifier lets you e-mail user-defined categories of people from your employee directory. E-mail everyone at a specific location, which is ideal during emergency situations. You can also e-mail a bar code to pre-registered visitors so upon their arrival they simply scan the bar code, saving time. 

Web Pre-registration: Empower every employee to pre-register their visitor with PassagePoint Global Web Pre-registration module. An E-Visit Pass e-mail can be sent to the visitor and host for instant sign-in at arrival. Each employee can see their upcoming visits and create new visits based on history. 

Access Control Integration: Integrate visitor management with your existing security systems. PassagePoint Global can register the visitor with your Access Control System (ACS) and activate their access rights. A bar code is printed onto their visitor badge. This will allow the visitor to pass through secure locations matching the access card profile. PassagePoint Global can activate an unassigned access card and when a visitor signs out, the card and bar code will automatically be deactivated in your ACS. 

Passage Point offers More Features for More Control

  • Fully translated in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. 
  • Microsoft Outlook calendar messages
  • Advanced integration with the major access control manufacturers
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner and record locator
  • Email notification (with visitor’s photo) on visitor sign-in
  • Directory linking/create directory of hosts: Active Directory and single sign-on
  • Return sexual predator or felony background check match via real time link, including photo and conviction details
  • Simplified, more intuitive interface makes it fast to learn and fun to use
  • Database flexibility: choose from several database options including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Application Server keeps data secure and makes updates easy
  • Hardware Setup Wizard makes adding hardware easy with a step-by-step wizard and a smart installer that pre-installs most required drivers for devices* including:
    • Drivers License Scanner
    • Business Card Scanner
    • Passport Scanner
    • Camera/Web Cam
    • Barcode Scanner
    • Badge Printer
    • Signature Capture Pad
    • Biometric Reader
    • Touch-Screen Monitor
    • Kiosk
    • Mobile Device
    • Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 to order compatible hardware. 
  • Badge Printing Policy allows complex printing rules to be set by administrator, making the users job earlier.

Customize your Passage Point with Options
Directory Link Add-ons--Real time link with ODBC, LDAP and other types of employee directories can be ordered with a Single License or Unlimited Workstations (Best Value for organizations with 8 or more client licenses).
Control Center Module--Enables individual configurations to be managed from a central control point.
Pre-Registration Module--Enables an unlimited number of visitors and groups to pre-register via a browser.
Support Plans--Covers support for all issues relating to PassagePoint, including updates & preferred pricing on new editions. Support Plans can be ordered for a single year or 3 years. 

PassagePoint Global v10 Software System Requirements
To run PassagePoint Global visitor management software on your computer, you need Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with a duo core processor and a minimum of 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended) and 1GB minimum (2GB recommended) hard disk space.

To run PassagePoint Global with the Enterprise Control Center Module, your server must use Windows 2003 or 2008 with a duo core processor, 2GB RAM and 2GB hard disk space.


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