TIMEspot Stickers

TIMEspot Stickers

Part Number#: 061xx

EXPIRING BADGES 061xx - Expiring TIMEspots are Small Round One-Day Adhesive ID stickers that can fit onto ID cards, smart cards, clothes or accessories. A great low-cost way to add expiring technology to your visitor management system.

Buy One-day Expiring TIMEspot indicators—small temp stickers that can be placed on clothes, equipment or accessories. FREE shipping for Temporary TIMEspots. Category: Expiring Badges, Condition: New

TIMEspot Stickers Options

TIMEspot Indicator Options :


Free shipping on orders +$100

Expiring TIMEspot Indicators feature several FRONTpart choices and a one-day expiration setting. Perfect for areas with high visitor traffic, One-day TIMEspot stickers feature:

  • Six Designs including:
    • V for Visitor in three colors
    • T for Temporary
    • C for Contractor
    • Blank

  • Small sticker size fits on many items, including visitor clothes, hard hats and existing badges or smart cards
  • Includes an adhesive BACKpart

Simply peel away the liner to activate the FRONTpart of your TIMEspot, press together with the one-day BACKpart, and stick it to your visitor’s ID badge, smart card, hard hat or item of clothing. The patented color change—which features hash-mark pink lines--is highly visible from a distance, making visitor management easy.

The TIMEspot will remain white for the majority of time before the color change begins. A One-Day Expiring TIMEspot issued in the morning will reveal light pink hashmarks by late afternoon, and darker ones within 1 day – about 18 hours -- signaling an unmistakable visual expiration.

Expiring TIMEspots are not affected by light, so the expiration process works indoors and outdoors, day or night.

ONEstep Expiring TIMEspot Specifications

  • Part Numbers:
    • Blue V, part number 06128
    • Red V, part number 06122
    • Yellow V, part number 06132
    • Blue T, part number 06134
    • Green C, part number 06136
    • Blank, part number 06149
    • One-Day BACKpart 06059 (included in every order)

  • Quantity: 1000 FRONTparts and BACKparts
  • Backing: Adhesive*
  • TIMEspot dimensions: 0.875" round
  • Expiration: 1 day, approximately 18 hours
  • TIMEspots come fan-folded

Please note: Adhesive badges should not be applied to delicate materials such as leather, silk, suede and vinyl.


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