TIMEbadge - Manual Print

TIMEbadge - Manual Print

Part Number#: 06103

EXPIRING BADGES - One-day TIMEbadge expiring badges include pre-printed red Visitor identifier and can be personalized with manual printing. Several backing options – including adhesive or clip on.

Buy Temporary ID Badges that expire in one-day to manage visitors at your facility. FREE shipping for one-day manual-print expiring badges. Adhesive & Clip badge options. Category: Expiring Badges, Condition: New

TIMEbadge - Manual Print Options

BACKpart Options :


Free shipping on orders +$100

These temporary TIMEbadges expire in one day, include a highly visible pre-printed red "Visitor" identifier, and can be personalized with manual printing. Choose the best BACKpart – adhesive or clip-on – for your location, so these one-day expiring badges can work for you.

Simply print the visitor information on the badge, peel away the liner, press the FRONT- and BACKparts together and issue to your visitor. One-day Manual-Print Expiring Badges feature:

  • Print easily and quickly with manual printing – no hardware or software necessary
  • Includes a pre-printed "Visitor" identifier
  • Several BACKpart options including adhesive or clip-on

TIMEbadge Manual-Print Expiring Badges will remain white for the majority of time before the color change begins. A One-Day Expiring TIMEbadge issued in the morning will reveal light pink bars by late afternoon, and darker pink bars within 1 day – about 18 hours -- signaling an unmistakable visual expiration.

These temporary badges are not affected by light, so the expiration process works indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Looking for other backing options to customize your TIMEbadge Manual-Print expiring badges? Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 who can help you find the right choice, including color-coded, other pre-printed identifers or vertical clip-on backings. These Expiring Badges can also be custom ordered with your company logo or other image.

Don't forget to order Strap Clips to attach your TIMEbadge Clip-on Badge.

TIMEbadge One-Day Manual-Print Expiring Badges Specifications

  • Part Number: TIMEbadge 06103 Expiring Badges
  • Quantity: 1000 each of FRONTparts and BACKparts
  • FRONTpart Badge Dimensions: 2.875" W x 1.9375" H (7.3 cm x 4.92 cm)
  • Expiration: 1 day
  • Pre-printed "Visitor" Identifier
  • Backing: Adhesive* or Clip-on
  • Manual Printing only
  • TIMEbadge one-day manual print badges come fan folded

*Please note: Adhesive badges should not be applied to delicate materials such as leather, silk, suede and vinyl.

Expiring TIMEbadge BACKpart Information

  • Adhesive BACKpart, part number 06032
    • Dimensions: 3" W x 2" H (7.62 cm x 5.08 cm)

  • Clip-on BACKpart with pre-printed "Visitor" header, part number 05913
    • Heavyweight paper construction
    • Dimensions: 3" W x 3" H (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm)

Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 to help you with other backing options, including:

  • Vertical clip-on, part number 06054
  • Vendor, part number 05937
  • Temporary, part number 05938
  • Contractor, part number 05915
  • Yellow 129, part number 05902
  • Red 185, part number 05903
  • Reflex Blue (Dark), part number 05904
  • Pantone Green, part number 05905
  • Process Blue (Bright), part number 05906
  • Purple, part number 05907
  • White, part number 06027

These Expiring Badges can also be custom ordered with your company logo or other image.


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