ID Solutions UBand Contactless Silicone Wristband

ID Solutions UBand Contactless Silicone Wristband

UBand Contactless Silicone Wristbands combine the technology of a MiFARE card with the convenience of a wristband – great for school campus access control and cashless payment!

Using standard MiFARE 1k technology, Ubands work on the popular 13.56 MHz frequency. Twenty color options make it easy to find one to suit your campus or organization, while three different wrist sizes mean there is a fit for everyone. Custom printing makes it simple to make your UBand unique. 

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Buy UBand Contactless Wristbands. MiFARE data on a handy silicone wristband – Great for Students! Free shipping on orders +$100. Call 877-868-0012 or Click to Shop UBands now. Category: Proximity Cards; Condition: New

UBand contactless wristband usesUBand™ is a new contactless technology solution that is ideal for colleges and universities, combining multi-faceted MIFARE technology with the convenience and flexibility of a silicone wristband.

With a range of applications, UBand can be implemented in many different capacities. UBand can be used to replace an existing smart card program, can supplement “one card” programs or can be sold in college or university bookstores as an additional option for students. UBand makes access control and purchasing easier for your students, decreases expenses from lost or damaged cards and increases brand recognition.

Interested in purchasing UBands for your campus or organization? Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 or

UBand goes above and beyond standard access or smart cards in a variety of ways

UBands are Perfect for College Campuses

Wearability - Unlike smart cards, which need to be carried in a pocket or on an attachment, UBand remains attached to the user naturally, increasing the likelihood of use while decreasingly the likelihood of loss or theft. 

Durability - UBand is waterproof, sweatproof and can stand up to the rigors and wear and tear of campus life. 

Flexibility - UBand’s flexibility is two-fold: material and usage. UBand’s silicone rubber construction allows the band to stretch round the hand for easy, comfortable removal. MIFARE technology allows UBand to be customized to whatever uses a campus needs, including access, payments and more. Include the features you need and leave out those you don’t.

Customizability - 20 color options make it easy to find one to suit your college or university, while three different wrist sizes (6", 7", 8") mean there is a fit for everyone. Custom printing, available in emboss, deboss or silk screen, makes it simple to make your UBand as unique as your campus.

Uband wristbands can be customized for your campus

UBand iClass Compatibility
iClass cards operate at the same 13.56MHz frequency as the UBand. For iClass to have the ability to use UBand (or MiFARE cards in general), you need to add a new format in your access system. There is no need to do any reconfiguration at the reader level. 

For example, the iClass card is usually a 40 bit format with a site code and card sequence. The UID (unique ID) on the UBand is 32 bit so the access system needs to add that as an additional accepted format. The reader would then be able to read it. 

The majority of access control systems in the marketplace have the ability to accommodate multiple formats.

Wondering if your current access system can accept UBand MiFARE technology? Call an ID Expert at 877-868-0012

UBand will also offer a standard prox format silicone wristband soon!


UBand Contactless Silicone Wristbands Technical Specifications:

Chip Type*: MiFARE 1K
Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz AKA High Frequency RFID
EEPROM Size: 1024 Byte (8192 Bit)
Memory Organization: 16 Sectors, 4 Blocks of 16 Bytes
Unique Serial Number (UID): 4 Byte (32 bit)
RF Interface: ISA 14443A
Data Retention: 10 Years
Wrist Endurance: 100,000 Cycles
Read/Write Range: 1.5” / 3.8 cm

* Because the antenna is smaller than a standard MIFARE card, there may be instances where the band needs to be held for 1-2 seconds right against the reader. 


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