Looking to design professional photo ID cards and badges easily? Check out CardExchange 7.0 software.CardExchange ID Card Design Software - Customize Professional ID Badges Easily

With WYSIWYG and drag/drop simplicity – and improved functionality and price –  this badge design software is an ID Card Group editor’s choice.

In fact, we recommend this software over any other we carry. Here’s why:

Why Buy CardExchange Software?

  • Easily tailored to fit your organization’s card issuance program
  • Choose from many available modules and external plug-ins
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Windows-based interface 
  • Easy drop-and-drag editing tools with advanced graphic design capabilities for formatting text, images and logos
  • Advanced ID security options for 1D Bar codes, magnetic stripe cards, and UV printing
  • Handy step-by-step Card Create Wizard
  • Multiple layouts for more than one ID card design
  • Group and user management tools
  • Advanced filter functionality
  • Powerful database connections – from MS Excel, MS Access, SQL, Oracle and DB2 to your own system through an ODBC manager

CardExchage Software Modules – Something for Every Organization

  • CardExchange Go – Easily design photo ID cards using an internal MS Access Database with up to 200 records. CardExchange Go creates standard CR80 sized cards and includes a handy Card Creation Wizard which holds up to 5 templates. Perfect for small organizations.
  • CardExchange Premium 7.0 – Includes all of the layout and database tools of its Entry version with direct links to MS Access databases, signature capture, user logins and configurable data filters
  • CardExchange Professional 7.0 – Designed for medium and large organizations that don’t need contactless cards, Professional combines all of the layout and database tools of its Premium version with the ability to connect to any database via ODBC. Also includes Photo Exchange Standard camera plug-in which directly controls your Canon camera or webcam to take professional-looking photo IDs.
  • CardExchange Ultimate 7.0 – Perfect for large organizations, Ultimate boasts all the layout and database tools of its Professional version, plus the ability to customize your software with VB.NET Scripting and to create contactless MIFARE or DESFARE cards. Ultimate also includes the PhotoExchange Professional with FaceFind facial recognition to control your ID camera and automatically create sharp facial ID photos.

All CardExchange 7.0 software allows you to connect unlimited card layouts/templates and manage them – each with its own printer, database, and photo options – to provide powerful batch printing options.

Ready to Upgrade to CardExchange 7.0?

Need to upgrade from an earlier or lower CardExchange version? No problem – contact an ID Expert at (877) 868-0012 for details.


Contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com if you need help choosing the best best id badge software for your organization or have questions about CardExchange 7.0 software. We’ll make it easy for you!

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