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RFID Mag Stripe PVC Cards-100 pack

RFID Mag Stripe PVC Cards-100 pack

Part Number#: 800059-106-01

ZEBRA 800059-106-01 UHF RFID PVC Card (Gen 2), Standard White CR80 size PVC cards with Magnetic Stripe, 30 mil - 100 cards – contain RFID tags that transmit data long-range to a host system for access control, asset tracking, customer loyalty and more! The Mag Stripe adds additional data capabilities. Pack of 100

Buy Zebra 800059-106-01 RFID Blank White PVC Cards with Magnetic Stripe–100 blank plastic cards contain an RFID chip. Next day delivery is available for Zebra 800059-106-01. Category: Zebra PVC Cards, Condition: New


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Zebra 800059-106-01 blank PVC cards are a handy standard white CR80 size with 30 mil thickness and Magnetic Stripe, so they look just like a regular Mag Stripe card, but with RFID capabilities. These revolutionary cards can be directly printed on and encoded using a plastic card printer with UHF RFID capabilities – including the Zebra 330i single-sided UHF card printer and Zebra 430i double-sided UHF card printer. Zebra’s patent-pending UHF Gen 2 RFID blank pvc cards can transmit data as far as 20 feet, offering much longer-range read than traditional access control systems. They are perfect for access control, asset tracking, customer loyalty tracking and more!

The Mag Stripe feature allows even more data to be stored on your card, and is easily swiped by a regular magnetic stripe card reader.

The UHF inlay on the Zebra 800059-106-01 RFID cards is optimized for access control and offers superior performance when held in a user’s hand, hung from a lanyard, or displayed as an ID badge. Hands-free access to your facility has never been easier.

These cards are 100% tested during manufacturing, which includes a programming test, and are ISO certified. Any ISO 18000-6C or EPC Class 1, Gen 2 reader will communicate with the card.

Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 if you are interested in ordering these cards as pre-printed and pre-encoded.

  • Blank PVC Card with embedded RFID tag
  • Standard CR-80, 30 mil size with Magnetic Stripe
  • 1 pack of 100


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